What Is the Frugivore Diet?

The Frugivore Diet is our natural human diet that is rich in fruit and comprised of whole plant foods (and the occasional fungi). The Frugivore Diet books, recipes, and this site provide guidance for a way of eating that is in alignment with our human anatomy, physiology, and psychology.

What is a Frugivore?

A  frugivore is  an animal whose preferred source of food is fruit and who is anatomically and physiologically equipped to thrive on a diet of fruit, shoots, roots, nuts, and seeds. Most primates, including humans, are biological frugivores. We originate from a lineage of plant-eaters who thrive on a diet rich in fruits, leaves, shoots, starchy-roots, seeds (tree seeds and grains) and the occasional flower and fungi.

The Frugivore Diet’s Golden Rule

There is really just one simple rule to follow if you want to use the Frugivore Diet to lose weight, heal your chronic illness, and regain your health. The one primary rule is to eat 100% whole- plant foods. This is your ticket to maximum wellness and healing imbalances caused by poor nutrition. There is no need to count calories, macronutrients, or be overly restrictive about which plant foods to consume. Eat a variety of plant foods from all the colors of the rainbow to optimize the health-protection you receive from your food. Avoid all processed foods and foods derived from animals—this includes oils! Enjoy a bounty of seasonal, ripe, colorful foods including sweets, sours, bitter, in simple and satisfying combinations. The links below will help you get started with the diet you were designed for.

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