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Frugivore Diet’s 10 Guidelines

1. Eat As Many WholePlants As You Want The first and most important rule of the Frugivore Diet is simply this: don’t skimp on the plants! Eat as many whole-plant foods as you want. By filling up on whole plants, including a variety of leaves, seeds, flowers, fruits, and roots, your stomach will be satisfied by the fullness of the fiber-rich foods. …


How to Know You Are a Frugivore

You may be wondering what a frugivore is exactly. A frugivore is a creature who is biologically best-fit for eating a fruit-rich diet of whole plant foods. Carnivores are creatures who are biologically best-fit for eating raw flesh. Herbivores are creatures who are biologically best-fit for eating grasses and plant foliage. Insectivores are creatures who …


Benefits of the Frugivore Diet

1. Plants Have All the Nutrients People Need to Thrive A common objection to a plant-based diet is concern over inadequate nutrition, but this concern is not founded in science. Rather, observed nutritional deficiencies in vegetarians and vegans are attributed to diets high in unhealthy processed foods and low in nutrient-rich, whole, fresh plant foods. Still, …